Possible To Send Multiple Data To Another Screen (Using Countdown Timer)?

Hello all!

Is it possible to send multiple data to another screen using a countdown timer?

I have a list of Exercises (called a Workout) on one screen with a countdown timer. The timer has an action to go to the next page once the countdown finishes. Currently, only the Current Workout’s data is sent to the next page, but I would also like the Current Exercise in that Workout sent to the next page as well. Is this possible?

I can set an action for the user to click the list of Exercises to send the Current Exercise to the next page, but I prefer the countdown timer’s action to do this automatically.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TrZd ,

Yes, it is possible.

Normally, I sent 2 collections through that, App Settings to track last number and Multi Language to display in magic texts.

Thanks for the reply @Yongki !

I’m sorry but do you mind explaining how you were able to do it? I don’t think I understand your response.

In Adalo, we can make a list of component such as button, in this case is countdown, the way to do it is select the countdown first and make list (on the left panel), if you want to send 2 collections, make list again with different collection, but be sure to filter them so the result is only 1 record.

Then on the finish action, put link action to another screen, in that screen you can see available data of those collections that you make list of.


@Yongki you. are. AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much, this worked well! :smiley:

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