Previewer can’t provide a secure connection

Since two days I get this error when trying to preview:

Anyone any idea? I cleared my cache, cookies, etc, already. Restarted my browser (Chrome) and computer, but nothing worked so far. Thanks for any help!

Man, just take a quick look around here (or google it) and you will find that many people are having this problem. I myself have just opened a topic about it a couple of days ago. The sad thing is Adalo staff seems to be aware of it since it has been a common problem, but fail to do anything.

I am considering leaving Adalo because I haven’t been able to work on my project since last weekend due to the same error you are facing.

In the meanwhile, if you happened to find a solution, please share.

Sorry, I should’ve looked first indeed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If I find a solution in the meantime I’ll let you know.

Actually, I’m glad you’ve opened another post. Maybe Adalo staff do something about it.

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@garrafa Nelson, did you find a solution already?

Hey, Tom. Yes: I’ve reported it here: Someone From Adalo? - #10 by Adalo_CXTeam

Clearing cache, cookies, local data for that URL in my browser. Shutting down the browser, restarting my computer somehow worked for me. Maybe it helps for you as well?

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