Error when previewing an app in different browsers: your connection is not private

I know it’s been discussed here, but I am having this problem and I cannot fix it.

The solution I’ve seen here (and in the official Adaol’s guide) says to reset SSL certification in the setting mode. However, I do not have this option (no reset button. Just the subdomain’s name).

Does anyone know how to solve it?

you do not have this option ?

that’s weird, for me usually I use the reset option, but mostly such issue got resolved after sometime (minutes or hours) without doing anything from my side

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Hi @garrafa,

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Does your app is connected to a custom domain? If it is reset SSL Certification would solve that! You can click on that button as in the screenshot that @mohmdfawzi shared! If you don’t see that could you share a screenshot?

Thank you

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tks for the reply @dilon_perera and @mohmdfawzi.

My app is not connected to a custom domain yet. Before seeing your reply, I was wondering if it could be the reason for the problem. So, I bought a domain and now I am trying to add it to Adalo in the settings menu.

However, when I click on “Test Setup” it says my domain could not be verified. I added the CNAME yesterday around 10 pm. Wasn’t it supposed to be working already?

Update 1

The only solution for my problem was to add a custom domain (I was using a subdomain).

Although it is in part good news, it seems people using an Adalo’s subdomain will inevitably face this problem eventually. As many users are not willing to buy a custom domain (maybe because they don’t need it), it would be a good idea for Adalo to solve this issue ASP. It was not in my plan to buy a custom domain at this point. The problem I’ve faced compelled me to do it.

Update 2: the problem is back.

After connecting the custom domain, the preview worked for a couple of minutes and then went completely off.

My question is: do I have to do any additional steps after adding the new custom domain? Any other clues?

ps: I’ve already cleared the history and cache of my browsers.

Another “victim”: Previewer can’t provide a secure connection

So, Adalo, I’d love to hear your plans on how (and when) you will address it.

I am suffering the same issue. Is anyone using pragma flow components?


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