Pricing of Database after launching

Hi, first I wanna make a compliment to Adalo - great job! I have a question to pricing:
If the app is online in the store and I don’t want to make changes I can cancel pricing. But isn’t the database still AWS? So you have to pay for AWS but you don’t get money from us?


it doesnt work like this, if you cancel your paid plan, your custom actions (AWS requests) won’t work anymore

Ok, so if I need a database for my app I need my own server to keep the app running in Playstore after cancel payment? This is an important question, because it sounds like I have to pay 50$ a month just because I need your server. I have no problem to pay that price for building an app with your platform - that is totally ok - but for a database is a lot.


Here your college is telling different

I know that Adalo can’t delete your data even if you stop the ProPlan, but for sure there will be some limitations. 50$/Month for a complete builder + 5GB data is a standard price for these tools. Is what I’m paying now.

As I wrote already, I have no problem with the price, if I need the platform to build my app. But I need an exact answer if I have to pay afterwards to keep my app running in the store if I need the database.

Of course you have to pay to keep your database running…

So I have to pay 50$ a month for the database?

not only the database, look at it from another perspective,
how much would it cost you to hire a dev to make it for you, and then pay him every month to maintain the app, to update it, etc…???

that’s how you see the value of the proposition, there’s still some work to do but in the end that’s what is Adalo all about…

Usually if you pay for software - monthly or annualy - like Adobe CC, Maxon, Vray etc. you pay to use the software. If the job is over, you can cancel payment. Nobody is talking about what I would have to pay if I book a designer.
The benefit of Adalo is, that now nearly everybody can use this tool to make an app - so you are reaching a much bigger group of buyers.


Adalo is not a software product like Photoshop. Adalo could be viewed as a platform which offers you an infrastructure to create and maintain your mobile / web app. This infrastructure comprises of application builder, database (including storage and content delivery for images & files), backend servers to process external API calls & things like push notifications, application build servers for iOS & Android, etc.

All this infrastructure is presented to users (app makers) in a very friendly and intuitive-to-use manner.

Adalo-created apps can’t work without this infrastructure (and without internet connection btw). This is how it is created. So would you like to have a functional app, you will have to pay $50 / month for the usage of this infrastructure.

Whether it is “a lot” or “not a lot” - this could be viewed from various perspectives.
For instance, some IT and Software Dev professional can set up the virtual server in AWS, implement REST API there (for instance via MySQL + PHP + some sw dev work), integrate this with Firebase, develop the mobile application, integrate it with this backend, set up build environment and build the app.
From the database pricing standpoint, this could cost as low as $0 per month (for a basic virtual server). Another question is how much time will this take, and how experienced this person should be.


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So to be clear if you build you app and deploy to the app store and come off the pro plan. The app will stop working as it has data in the app?

It won’t completely stop functioning but yes, to a certain extent.

You’re limited to 50 records in the database on the free plan, so you won’t be able to create new records if you’re already over the limit when downgrading. This includes users or any other type of record you have in there as a total. So if you have 2 collections and say 30 users and 20 records in another collection, new users won’t be able to sign up or you won’t be able to create new records in your other collection.

Your custom actions will stop functioning. Basic actions will continue to work (update/delete/link/notification actions).

The app will still display the list data of internal database collections. External collections stop functioning (this one I’m not sure of. @Victor, do you know if external collections stop working on the free plan?)

@cpw, think about it like this: You’re paying for storage, database, and convenience. Similar to a hosting plan for a website. If you stop paying for your website hosting, what happens? The website goes down completely. Luckily, Adalo isn’t nearly as strict since they can’t disable apps that are on the app stores, they only limit the functionality.

Thanks it is all clear. Is in app purchase subject to a fees?

@Flawless thing is if you are not covering the cost of $50 per month then it can add up. My app is purely about sharing content. I assume external links will still work but not API access. I will possibly have to deploy a cut down version until I can see if it’s worth the cost per month.

I understand @cpw

However, that’s more of a revenue problem that you need to solve on your end.

Maybe this article can help you out: 5 Monetization Strategies for Your App - Google AdMob
or this article:

Best of luck!