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hi guys … I created 2 blank pages and in each a 5 second countdown. the first page at the end of the 5 seconds performs 6 actions and then goes to the second page which does the same by going over the first. I found that after a few hours the cowntdown freezes. I tried to remove the actions and also change the cowntdown time but the problem persists. how to fix this bug?

Hi Jenny,

I haven’t tested the countdown with mass actions and repeatedly runs. You probably made to many requests that it’s over flowed and can’t handle anymore.

I would just submit a support ticket for this “bug”.

even if I use only one action for cowndown the problem remains … after about 4 hours it stops. tomorrow I want to record on video what happens … I’m thinking that when Adalo is offline the cowndown stops … if so it is a big problem

hello, after about 7 days I still haven’t received a concrete answer. I begin to doubt the potential that Adalo has.

In my personal opinion, countdown timer component was not designed for such scenarios - like having two “switching” countdowns, with several seconds periods, running on the page for several hours.

One need to remember that all components run in the user context (browser for webapps, mobile app on mobile phones). So besides the potential bugs in the component itself, there is an browser and/or OS which can affect the app/webapp behavior. For example, on the mobile phone OS can kind of “remove” the app from memory in some cases, and the app will be stopped. On the web, both OS and browsers have technologies which manage workload and may “halt” the inactive tabs. There could be a multitude of reasons for this problem besides a possible bug in countdown timer.

My general advice would be to use right instruments for particular tasks.

For the repeating backend kind of tasks it is better to use Integromat scenarios or other platforms like EasyCron or similar. But please note that if you’d like to have a task performed every few seconds, I don’t believe there is any reliable interpretation platform which can do that efficiently and reliably. One need to go with full code solutions for this.

Best regards, Victor.


hi, as usual Victor you are the top !!

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