Problem with auto reseting of filters


I’ve created a list of users that can be filtered within a modal screen. When I’m back on the screen with the list of users everything works perfectly that means I can see the list of users filtered.
But… when I click on the profil of one user to open the detail screen, the system reset automatically the filters which is very annoying because when I click back (From detail screen to the list of users) the list is not filtered anymore :frowning:
I tried many solutions but I’m running out of ideas. So if someone could help it would be wonderful!


Hi, maybe you could put a text imput (hidden and not clickable), then set it equal to the user’s data you need when modal is closed and your list appear, set as custom filter like if “data contains the Hidden imput text”… This should work… I use hidden textboxes whenever I want to filter a list as it is one of the most easier and dynamic way to do it.
Hope that helped
An exemple

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Super idea!! Thanks it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Cool! I’m glad that helped :blush:

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