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I’ve going to make a service app where a user has to select City name from a dropdown link then will appear area name (this is also a dropdown menu) of the selected city name. On Adalo web preview it is working fine but when I making an APK it is not working. What I am doing wrong?


Hi @fredy, what kind of service are you using to determine the area? If this service is geo-restricted, it probably works in the preview with the request send from the Adalo server, while using it with your local device settings some geo-restrictions are applied.

Thanks, @karimoo for your reply.

I’ve two different collect “City name” and “Service Area”. Now when the user selects a city name there will appear the service area name which is related to that selected city. I’m not using any geo-location.

That is weird… maybe try a rebuild of the APK first…

Can you add some shots or video of how each component is setup?

Thanks @TonyD

"maybe try a rebuild of the APK first…" it’s worked!!

Cool, ya sometimes when you have those - “this should just work” moments a rebuild is not a bad thing to do :slight_smile:

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