Purchases in the app but payments out

Hello to all,
I have a doubt regarding the management of payments in the app, as I would not want my app to be rejected during the review.

I’ll explain my case and give you a practical example:
My users can create events in the app but the publication of them is valid only upon payment.

I did not want to create the possibility to make users pay in the app (for security reasons and even for savings)

As the users are all traders and therefore to register they will have to leave their “VAT number”. I had thought of automatically sending an invoice to their email intense to the merchant and with the total amount (we are talking about very low amounts) and then they would have to pay the invoice within 30 days and by bank transfer to my company.

This is because I will have to work with small companies and I do not want to be paid immediately for a service (at least for now, in the future we will see)

Do you think this method could be a reason for rejection?

In the app there are clear references to amounts and prices, and to understand the payment methods the user must visit the website (outside the app).

Can it work? Or will apple reject this mode for sure?

thanks to all

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Hi @miticobeppe,

I would start reviewing the following document from Apple: App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer

You’d like your app to fall under apps in 3.1.3 section. I guess that most feasible sections are 3.1.3(e) Goods and Services Outside of the App and 3.1.3(f) Free Stand-alone Apps.

My 2 cents

Best regards, Victor.

Hello Viktor, thanks so much…

However, it is not very clear to me how my app would be framed.
As the user (merchant) pays to create Events or Coupons (in the app) but these are services that will be used outside the app.

In this first case, can I collect the sums via private payment?

I also have another service: The user (merchant) will pay a monthly amount to enable 1 or more users to scan QR codes (coupons he created himself). This is framed as a digital service I would say? and therefore the IN-APP purchase and also the subscription would be needed as the purchase lasts one month and is automatically reactivated.

Or am I doing something wrong?


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