Push Notifications dont work

Need some help with push notifications. Everything mentioned has already been done…what is wrong? I’ve checked out that Youtube video as well I have triggers set up. Nothing happens, Permission is already requested and enabled.

Anyone have any idea?

I have the same issue, I may recommend opening a ticket “bug report”!

I dont think its a bug, i have a hunch that its an oversight or possibly something that I missed that is buried in the help blog. it is a bit confusing to find things in there without a search.

I happened for me, and others too, I think issue is from Adalo!

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Same problem here. Push notification not working

I would say mine work 70% of the time

Took this into account and it seem to do the job. Haven’t ran into issues. Seems the recipient part was set to “Logged in user” and not the as the “current post user”

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