Push notifications & Marketing Strategy?

Hello guys!

Thank you for all your support and experience, I really appreciate. After create my app, I need to use push notifications, but how can I manage the marketing messages and strategy?

I mean, after create the app, is there any dashboard or something to create the message and send for all users? Or how it works every time I need to send notifications for all my users?

You can either use an external service (and for this, I suggest to read this interesting discussion) or simply creating a page accessible only from a super-user account (super user field = TRUE).

There you can send notifications manually to certain groups of users. I’ve done a quick tutorial some time ago, you might find it useful.

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Thanks a lot @montetennis! Very helpful your quick response and great your tutorial, this is what I´m looking!

The perfect solution would be to have full support of Firebase. This would enable us, Builders, to fully embrace marketing tactics such as Android/iOS scheduled push notifications, in-app notifications, goal settings, marketing attributions, and track revenue.

Feel free to upvote this feature request Firebase | Voters | Adalo

When speed calls lol.

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