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Using the tutorial, I am able to send scheduled push notifications to oner user. How can I send a mass scheduled push notification to all users using Adalo/ Zapier/ Delay/ Webhooks?

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In previous app builds, I’ve used Adalo’s trigger feature to send mass notifications to all users and sometimes to groups…

I am now trying to send SCHEDULED push notifications from a collection. I will not be the admin inputting the notification messages. With that said, is the route you are talking about able to pull data from Adalo app collection to then send at a scheduled date (where the admin user do not have to go into firebase)???

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Unfortunately, Adalo Push Notifications API doesn’t support mass Push sending, and the only way to send scheduled notification is to perform an API call at some point of time.
So in order to send notifications to All users, you’ll have to create a scenario/script which lists all users (GET ALL API call to Users collection) and sends the notifications one-by-one.

For example, it’s possible to do it in Integromat. The downside of such approach is that on the platforms like Integromat each action consumes “credit”, so for sending a notification to 1000 users you will have to spend at least 1000 credits (you’ll make 1000 calls).

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O ok. Got is… Is via Firebase an option (if I input all the scheduled calendar events)?? Or is any other connecting applet an option within Zapier (Postman, Pushbullet)?

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