Putting time to each property

I’m am currently making a property app where people can pay to show there property for a period of time is it possible to assign time to each property from the moment they pay to the moment it ends like 15 days

Hi @akia,

I would suggest using a separate “Purchases” collection for that. It may look like:

  • relation to Properties (1 Property can have many Purchases, but each Purchase belongs to one Property)
  • relation to Users (1 User can have many Purchases, but each Purchase belongs to one User)
  • “Payment” datetime
  • “Access Expiration” datetime.

When a user makes a purchase, you create a record in Purchases collection - linking it to Logged-in User and Current Property, and you store Current Time as Payment and Current Time + 15 as Access Expiration.

Then you can use this purchasing record to determine whether the property is shown to a user or not. A couple of possible ways:

  • make a list of Purchases, filter it for Logged-In User and for Access Expiration - Is After - Current Time. Then you can have a link to another screen with Current Purchase. And you can easily get all the Property details from Current Purchase.
  • in the list of Properties, if you have a View button, you can use a conditional visibility on it. Make it visible so that Current Property → Purchases → Count, where User Email is equal to Logged-in User Email AND Access Expiration - Is After - Current Time, is greater than 0.
    Explanation of this count: it should count all records from Purchases collection, but only those, which belong to Current Property, and also their User’s Email is the one of Logged-in User, and also their Access Expiration is in future.

Hope this helps.


When you do current time + 15 does that mean 15 days for the expiration date

Yes, DateTime in Adalo is stored in days, since 1/1/1970.

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