Pysma a free learning platform for content creators

It’s only about 95% done, but I plan to wrap it up tomorrow. Would love to know everyone’s thoughts!


Dude, I love this! It’s sparked some ideas of my own. Keep up the great work.


Thank you, @jessehaywood! I tried to put as much polish on it as I could. And with Adalo it took less than 2-weeks! That’s the most amazing part to me. I think there are more apps in my future!


How many courses are you planning to add? Do you plan on adding more instructors?


1 course a week for every week in 2022 (just from me)

I have 2 other instructors who I’ve vetted for the platform.

I’d like to have 5-10 total instructors creating monthly on the platform by the end of February.

EDIT: only in the PWA.


Right on, man. You got a landing page and socials? and on Twitter I’m @tannerhelps and @pysmaapp - trying to get the Beta up to 1.0 (just a few little features left to add) and then I’ll switch gears. I’ve got 36 people testing across iOS and the PWA, I figure I’ll push up 1.0 on Christmas Eve and then focus on the branding stuff between Christmas and the new year.

Psyched you like it, my dude. It’s my first attempt at anything like this, though I’ve been teaching audio and podcasting for over ten years.