Pysma is live on iOS (soon on Android)

I want to thank everyone who helped me get through my first app build, not just Adalo (obviously) but individuals like @dilon_perera @James_App_Maker @TKOTC @pford and others.

Pysma is an app-based learning platform for content creators. The goal is to make it the premier resource for new and novice creators to find expert-lead, trustworthy information on how to create, market, and succeed as creators.

You can check it out here:

Thanks again, Adalo team!


Congratulations. Happy to have helped! Best of luck.

Now that the easy part is over, time to start researching ASO (app store optimization), What is ASO? | App Store Optimization definition | Adjust

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@TKOTC Nooooooooo! The battle continues!

Thanks again for all your help.

Hi Tanner and congratulations! Once You need to optimize your app I can suggest to try following ASO tool which I find extremely effective - It collects statistics from millions of apps on a daily basis from both app store and play market. As a result it can assist you in all respects to track and analyze your app.