QR scanner showing Screen Missing error

I have added a QR Scanner plugin from the marketplace but its not working. It’s opening camera for 1-2s, and showing a blank screen with “Screen Missing” written onto it
What should be done to solve this ?

Hi @Nitish ,

Is it possible to add a screenshot of the preview or a video that shows the preview?

Thank you

This sounds like either your screen with the qr-code doesn’t have access to the data it needs or that the screen/qr-code is sending the user to another screen that is struggling to get the data it needs.

If you have a look under the “available data” tab of the screen that houses the qr-code, what is it showing? what data does it have or not have? feel free to send a screen shot.

Hi @dilon_perera @Archer please have a look at video of what’s happening onto the app

Attaching a screenshot as well for reference

@Archer there’s no “available data” on this screen as it’s not linked to anything. It’s just a button to Mark Attendance. Also I have added a Link action to this

I guess that you have a empty link action as a screen action! Can you check that?

Select the Qr Scanner screen and go to the actions section and see if there is a empty link action.

Hey @dilon_perera, you were right. I had a empty link to the entire screen. Removing that worked for me. Thanks !

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Also @dilon_perera, for the same app I want to search a user from the QR Code data. That is say if QR Code value = 123456, then I want to search a user having this ID. How can I do that ?
I am not getting option to add that condition

Hi @Nitish,

I believe that you need to add a condition like this! : All Users Count > is greater than > 0 and a filter that ID ( property that stored the ID ) > is equal to > Other Component’s > QR Scanner result ( a input ). I have used a input that adds the value got from the scanner first because when adding the filter the option that can add the scanner result is not there! But you can store that value and add that input to the filter!

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera thanks, I will check this out

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Hey @dilon_perera this worked man ! Thanks !

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