Question about performance with the links to other screens

I have observed that when applying a link to another screen, if this action is done by configuring it as push, none, modal or float, the first screen, in which the action is applied, is still open after the new one.

Logically, both when loading the new page and when interacting with it, the performance of it should be affected.

I have tried all the link action options from one page to another by applying transparency to the background of the new one and this does not happen when applying the “slide” actions.

Does this mean that sliding instead of another action improves performance? Does anyone know if this is relevant or if the screen is behind is the exact same thing?

I have hundreds of links and I still don’t know if I should change them all because I still don’t know if this is the case.

I think I notice some improvement in some of the screens that I have tried, but the important thing would be to know if configuring all the links would be noticeable or not in the native app.

no one?

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