Real Estate App on Android

Hello everyone.

I have released Beta 2 of my real estate app, and would love some feedback if you have an android device, as I know how fragmented this might be. Please be frank, honest feedback helps me a lot.

Thank you!


@Shinnawy I think the bottom bar is a little bit too high

@primedevs Yes! I agree, but I am really confised on what to do here, as it looks great on iPhone X and later, because of the curved bottom, but looks very weird on android. If I lower it, it gets too close to the home button on iOS.

I’ll try my best though. Thanks!

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elegant app design promising idea, I tested the app yesterday and I couldn’t upload property photos it said permission denied or something like that on android.
btw I liked how you add the photos and the user can slide between them like Instagram excellent work.

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Interesting. The permission denied error, may you please send a screenshot?

Thank you so much for your time

when choosing camera option

and this when picking from Gallery

You should put a fading transparent section behind the text.

check this out

Thanks for this. Really great feedback

You’re right. I just think I can’t really get a good design on it, so I will eventually get to it.

Thank you

Is this still an issue?

Hi @Shinnawy would you please allow us to clone the App? i saw your App as Template but when i try to clone it, it keeps loading and nothing happen.

that would very kind of you
have a good day

Hi Saif, can I get your email address or any form of contact,