Upload image's problem - EACCES (Permission denied)

Hello, we have a problem with upload image’s. We’re been allowed the permission, but it doesn’t help. How to fix this?

Also a button “Take a picture” isn’t work too

Hoping for a soon answer! Thanks

Hi Samuel,

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This is a known bug, please submit a support ticket.

this issue with Android 10 has been known for at least a year and I thought that such a major bug would be prioritized by Adalo…


The support said, that they will fix it in the next ~5 days. I hoping they’ll do it. Waiting 1 more year - it’s catastrophe for our app

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Really? After 1 year, where they’ve been saying it’s an unsolvable bug with react native, they’ll fix it in 5 days? That would be awesome, but I’m sceptical.

Can you please keep us updated on this issue, if you get any more feedback? thanks!

Ok, i’ll inform here

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By the way, this issue is happen with android 10 and older specifically only? What about
different versions of IOS? or other Android versions?

@Samuel_Sharp Only Android 10 and older versions. Android 11 and iOS are not affected by this issue.

For the rest of the folks here some additional info below!

This was an issue that first appeared last year around Sept if I recall. We implemented a fix that made the component work as intended again, but with more recent changes from Google around permissions, it caused this fix to be obsolete.

We are currently testing a more permanent (barring additional challenges introduced by Google), and if there are no major regressions in the fix, we should be able to deploy that fix this week. It will require new builds to be published for the fix to take affect in your app.

We will post an update as soon as we deploy the fix, and confirm all is well! We appreciate your patience as we work through the ever changing environment that are Android permissions!


Any news?///////////

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The fix for this issue is likely to be deployed today or tomorrow. (Obviously pending any major issues).

That would be amazing, please let us know here when it’s deployed.

It has been deployed.

The change will require you to create a new build for your app.


and can I keep the same image pickers?

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and can I keep the same image pickers?


thanks guys, this was really important for my app. thanks for all the effort!

Quick update. We had an unforeseen issue when we released this fix causing problems in the PWA image picker, so this has been reverted, but we are working to get this fixed and redeployed ASAP.

Apologies for the inconvenience on this.

I’m curious if this change went into production today. I just pushed a Testflight build and my app now crashes on photo picker, and file picker. I pushed a build yesterday and they worked as expected. This is for an iOS build.

:point_up: looks like the revert fixed this so I believe definitely related.

Hi @ben1 I believe that this may be related but this change may have caused undesired problems with the File Picker as well. I have an iOS build from June 28 that is working as expected. The morning build today both photo and file picker broken. This afternoon photo working again but File Picker still crashes my app. Thank you for looking into this.

@tbyrne It’s possible, but I believe the two components are separate libraries, so I’m not sure how, but I’m not familiar enough to rule that out completely here.

Can you submit a support ticket(if you haven’t already) and we can dive into the file picker separately. As there is another project happening on the file picker, so we can determine if this is a separate issue, if it will be covered by the file picker project.

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