Region Based Sharding

First of All a Happy New Year to everyone here !!

I would like to know when Region-based sharding is getting enabled. We are seeing slowness issue with our app (India) and this is impacting our UX. Also, this has become a serious issue and we are seeing a large un-installs citing app slowness.

How do I get this fixed? Or when can I expect the region-based sharding to get enabled?

Appreciate any pointers here.



I’d like to echo Kaigal’s sentiment - a timeline would be really helpful for us to plan the timeline of our own our apps and business models.

For example, I am overseeing a digital transformation in our company, and the timeline for it rests on the timeline of Adalo’s performance goals (AWS, regional servers, calculations offloaded to server).

For our company, how we perform in the next 6 months is going to be a do-or-die situation for us. Either we survive, or we crash and tumble. There’s so much uncertainty with so many upcoming things, that ticking off this issue at least would help us a lot.

Tagging @anon78309838 if this can be addressed


I’m in this boat too. Most of exit surveys from beta testers are about slowness and loss of patience. They love the product but the UX is terrible due to speed.

I know in the town hall QA they mentioned Q1 but can any of us small businesses last much longer?


We are working on this as fast as we possibly can. It really is our top priority right now. I know you have heard this song before from us but there really isn’t much more we can say regarding it as it will take as long as it takes.

I am truly sorry about the frustrations this causes you and your users and I really do empathise with everyone here about this.

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