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I am Nimish Lambat from India. I have an innovative idea regarding an app and am not from the field of coding soo am thinking for building it on Adalo. I have query related pricing and publishing of my app on app store. I want to know that if my app is published on app store, then the earning made by app from CPC, installation, Ads, tie up’s with 3rd party will be credited to me or it will be sent to u or some share partnerships.

As am a beginner for Adalo. I’ll love to read all the privacy policy and terms before starting with an app. I hope, i was clear with my query and it will be pleasure if u solve it quickly so I can start my further works over it.

Thank You!
Nimish Lambat, India

Hi Nimish,
I don’t work for Adalo or anything, in fact i’ve only just started using their software, but, I think I might be able to help a little with your query.
When you publish your app, if you charge a price for it to be downloaded, payment will go to the account linked with the developer account used to submit the app. You’ll be paying Apple 30% for the pleasure, which reduces to 15% after the first year. Regarding advertising the same is true, you’ll need to setup the relevant accounts with whatever ad server you use, then as ads are clicked and revenue is earned, that revenue is then paid to the developer/admin account which opened and installed the ads on the app.
I’m not an expert on this by any means, but hopefully this will add a little more context to your query.


Thanks man.
That’s great help u have given. I am completely sorted over it!

Just some clarity from our side here:

We do not intercept or in anyway involve ourselves with payment services created within your apps. Everything you setup in your apps only concerns yourself and the 3rd party payment provider you choose.

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