Repeated performance issues

Hi, is anyone experiencing repeated performance issues? It is very slow and hence difficult to work and on the top of that, the progress doesn’t save. It’s really annoying when hours of work are literally wasted. Thank you.

once happen on 1 of my screen, Ctrl Z didnt help.
but I m suspecting I might have been working using some Cached memory than at reconnection, lost the cache…and all the latest updates, :thinking: :thinking: not expert enuff to know what happened indeed.
One workaround would be saving the App, as an other App from time to time…(cloning)
yep…bummer !

Yes, I guess so. However, it would be great if there was maybe some performance update from Adalo or advice on how to resolve this.

It’s really annoying, I deleted screens couple of times and it keeps coming back after refreshing :exploding_head: