Restore a past build

Wix no code website builder has a recover a build feature.

Is there anything similar to this on Adalo. My app was working perfectly fine 2 days ago and I made a change that broke it and I can’t seem to undo it. Does anyone know of a feature like the one in the image I attached?

Hey @julianvcruz11 versioning is not yet supported. You can vote for it here: Versioning | Voters | Adalo

For now, you are best make incremental clones of your app that share the same Database… I usually do this on release of a new App version. I usually keep the last 3-4 major version App updates for any given app.


Hey Keith,
Thanks a lot. That’s what I was thinking the solution will be moving forward.

I am trying to get Adalos permission to release our versioning control and backup system onto our site. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I get the ok to release it to the community.


That’s amazing…

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