Restrict users from login different mobile with same login id

I want to know any way to restrict people from login from different smartphones with the same username and passwords like an IP address block or IMEI block of smartphone
From this user has one login, one smartphone

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Hi @imkkm ,

Check this out,

You can consult with @knight on how to use it to solve your issue.

But it returning the IP address of adalo

You need to explore yourself and persist to do that, we are in no code tools, so few things are not straight, so our imagination is required to make way of the situation.

For example, you can track the first signup ip address and confirm that this will be your only authorized smartphone, you can mask the address, @knight have stringify component to do that, consult then you will understand, otherwise you are left with your own effort.

And if there is another attempt from another ip address using this login, you can choose which one is the rightful user.

The drawback is if they both are in the same ip address and location, this workaround cannot differentiate them, but you can limit the second login by having still login property so only 1 user at a time, as long as the first user has not logged out, this still login is still holding.

If you prefer me to say no to the request, I can easily do that, it is easier to cut our imagination whenever there are no straight ways.

nope it doesn’t, you are getting Adalo IP because you are getting IP address through Custom Action. If you getting IP through component it will return your user IP

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I have an IP address from mixpanel

Hi @imkkm,

I don’t think you can get IMEI with built-in Adalo tools, unfortunately. May be custom component can do that, but I never heard about it.

As a workaround, you can restrict user login to happen just once. If you remove login screen completely, and remove any sign-out buttons/actions, then after first sign up user will not be able to logout → when user tries to sign up on another phone, the app won’t allow to do it as user with the same email already exists :slight_smile:

Though some experiments should be made to be sure that it works correctly - I don’t know in details how user credentials are stored in the app, and, for instance, what happens if you remove app or cache data (for example, in Android).

Best regards, Victor.

I do not think that it is a good idea. Your IP will change every time you move to another location or the device will lease another IP, after some time if not being reset. The right method is to track the IMEI number or the SIMM card data.

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Well, if you can get those data then issues are solved.

We can only do things that are available and going into that direction. :grinning: