Scaling Up: Prioritizing Performance on Adalo

Are there any performance updates coming at all?

After October 19th, We haven’t received any update from Adalo on the next updates. Completely a black box.


Its been 3 months, 1 Quarter, there is absolutely no update on the performance fixes. What is the engineering team doing?

How can we run our business when adalo doesn’t stick to commitments given here?

I am disappointed with the culture of the company. No responsibilities, No communication. Total black box.

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I heard nothing. :frowning:

So my takeaways from this thread are:

  1. Adalo is working on a dynamic location server with AWS (coming soon) :
  • For now, all apps running outside the US are much slower
  • Especially apps in the middle east have terrible performance
  • Adalo has been pushing some improvements on performance but the dynamically scalable servers with location hasn’t come out for over a year.
  • If this roll out this should be a game-changer for perfomance?
  1. Performance varies within different OS:
  • Apps in IOS tends to run 5x times faster than Android
  • Perfomance in Android makes a commercial app unreleasable
  • Web apps usually run okay?

Yes, I agree with you @joaquin .
I have 2 apps for Google Play ready since 5 - 6 months ago but I am not able to publish them as the performance may not justify even the lowest price.



Well, it’s been one year without updates on external users login, which still in beta so…. Good luck! :grinning:


Sad to see that 2 years in many performance updates have yet to be delivered :frowning:

It actually did. There was many updates on performance and it´s in general way better than it was before.

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It has improved, but for users in South Asia using an external database (Airtable), the performance is still quite slow. There were several updates that were planned as shown in the bottom of the Adalo Perfomance page and in other forum topics back in 2019 and 2020, which would’ve had a tremendous impact, but were postponed.

  • speeding up external dabatase connections
  • speeding up list loading
  • setting up AWS servers across several geographic locations

this is the most important for global users * setting up AWS servers across several geographic locations

It will be nice to know how far away we are from being able to host the Adalo database in other AWS regions, in my case the Pacific, AWS Sydney region.


Improvements to external API, not having them pass through Adalo first.

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I mean are we talking about 6 months, 2 years? 5 Years?

A rough estimate will be helpful.



I don’t think Adalo is serious about performance requirements. I have close to 60,000 + app users here in India and my userbase is increasing.

I feel cheated by Adalo and I really feel why I have chosen this platform for my app. I am constantly getting negative feedback on how slow the app is.

There is absolutely no support from the tech team. I am myself a techie, feel that this platform is not scalable now.



Reading this thread on loading speed, performance issues, and lack of scalability is disheartening.
My app 2.0 has issues loading after adding 7 total user records.

My first app was essentially a menu collection of webview pages without any database records.

I’m going to hold off on publishing my second version of my app until either upgrades in adalo or can find an alternative service. I’ll build the entire app again for stability / speed.
Slow speed will kill a business dead in its tracks.


Yeah. I think it’s time I just move on. Good luck, everyone.

Everyone agree that there is a performance issue, but in your case, your app was working fine and after adding 7 records only it start having issues???
this is not a problem with the platform, definitely you have done something wrong on the app, there is no possible way to have issues because of 7 records

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Hello @mohmdfawzi .
I have created an app for Timetable, for kids, in the school.
And for every user, there are maybe 5 hours per day / 5 days per week, so around 25 records per user.
And yes, there is a huge delay in showing the records.
So yes, 7 records may be to less, but from my experience, to struggle to show 25 records per user, this is not acceptable… :frowning_face:

Hello @ionutilie
You can create a post with details so the community can help you to figure out what is wrong there, since it is not expected to have performance issue for such small amount of data.
I am working on a huge application with thousands of records, initially I faced some issues, but with proper techniques you can manage it

Thanks @mohmdfawzi for the reply and suggestion.
I went through that process when I created the app many months ago…
In the meantime, I was hoping for a change - an upgrade to Adalo.