Screen Connection Settings

Hello, I’m a user who uses Adalo.
I’m making an app.
I don’t have any connection on the screen
There is a phenomenon that when you flip the slide from side to side, it goes to the previous screen.
Is there a way to prevent it from becoming a slide?

Welcome to the community!

What do you mean by “flip the slide”?

Could you share a screen shot or recording?

I am sorry. I am not good at English.

If you push the screen to the right with your finger, it goes to the screen before
Can I fix the screen so that it doesn’t go to the previous screen even if I push it with my finger?

Ah okay, I understand now.

Unfortunately, you can not change that function. It’s the back function set up by Adalo.

Oh my god…
It’s okay to go to the previous screen.
If I push the screen to the left after doing a lot of work, it keeps going backwards. Is this normal?
Is it because i am currently using the qr code without registering the application?

From what I understand, this is normal.

Are you able to record the issue? It might help to get a better understanding

Thank you.
It’s an iPhone screen capture, but the screen is blurry. I’m sorry.

  1. Click Red
  2. push the screen to the right to go back
  3. push the screen to the left to return to its original state
  4. If you push the screen to the left again, the same screen appears

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