Search Bubble External Data in Adalo

Need help on how to set up search using Bubble Data in Adalo

Did you read the Bubble API docs about displaying data via the API?

I never used Bubble before so that’s why I don’t know that much about it.

@James_App_Maker thanks for your response. I am able to display data from Bubble Data API, what I am looking to do is have users do a search within my app with the data returned. I can’t seem to figure out what parameter or how to set this up. I have looked at the Bubble API reference

If I’m not wrong, I don’t think you could search for something in the whole app.

@James_App_Maker Its possible looking at this video My issue is which parameter from Bubble API?

I’ll try to get @pfordmedia to help here since he made the video.

@James_App_Maker that would be great… I appreciate it.

Gotcha, yes the data in Bubble is defined by the parameters you set for the endpoint of your app. More info on that is found in this section: Defining the API - Bubble Docs

Basically the tables become the endpoints and the column names become the parameters that are sent. When you query the database, you’ll want to use this information (it’s quite extensive depending on what you’re trying to do): Data API - Bubble Docs

@pfordmedia thanks for your response. I have read the docs and can’t figure out how to set this up in Adalo.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

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