Searching or Filtering multiple genres of a post or song. Is there anyway to compare two many-to-many lists?

Let’s say I have a list of songs, and I want to be able to search and filter the song list using multiple genres instead of just one genre. Is there a way to do that?

In this sample, I tried to make a many-to-many relationship of genres with the logged in user to hold the genres the user wants to search for but there’s no way to compare it with the songlist’s genres unless I make the user search a many-to-one relationship.

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I think what you need to add is Logged in user’s > Genres Search > Songs > All.

Or maybe you could keep that as All Songs and add a custom filter that Genres > Users > All > Contains > logged in user.

Thank you

“Logged in user’s > Genres Search > Songs > All.”

This filter makes it so that it displays all songs that fit with each individual genre. In this example searching Metal, Rock, and Punk displays all songs that contain at least one of these genres. I need the list to show only Song 3.

“Genres > Users > All > Contains > logged in user.”

Does not display anything