Actions greyed out, while trying to update the user

screen-capture (4)i

Before coming to this screen the user selects a category with which photos and info of items from that particular category are shown on this Deck Swiper, but when they go back and select a different category, items from the last selected category and currently selected category are shown.

To avoid this, I tried to remove the selection when the user clicks the back icon. But now I can’t update the actions of that property.

Please Help!

Or is there any other way we can refresh the selection of categories?

Hi @highlancer!

I can see that it’s a little bit confusing, but it’s not really complicated. You just need to decide what you want to do when a user clicks a category;

  1. Go to a screen that shows all freelancers in that category
  2. Save that category to the logged in user as a “favorite category”
  3. or both?
    in that case, this is how you should set up your actions:

and the list should show:

This is a video showing how it works:

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