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for the app I’m building, I have a list of sessions (audio to be listened) that are available to the users in a drip mode (I used this setup: Drip Course Content - #7 by theadaloguy). I have 42 sessions, one for each day for 6 weeks.
I would like to send notifications everyday to the user, when a new session becomes available for him. Right now I’m interested in sending email notifications. How would you do that?

This can be done using Abracadalo, amazing platform, check them out


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Interesting! Specifically, how? Is there a guide somewhere showing how to setup Abracadalo to obtain the desired result?

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With our Notification API you can send recurrently emails, sms or even push notifications. You have 3 parameters that you could choose from:

Parameter Description
interval Enable the recurrent delivery of this notification, e.g. every 2 weeks (2w). Duration in minutes is not supported for this parameter.
times This only applies for recurrent notifications. Limit the number of times the notification will be sent. (Default: until canceled)

You can contact us for any question or help, we will be happy to help you.

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Ok, so I’m trying to set up the following scenario.

In the “Notifications” screen, the user has a button that allows him to activate email notifications.
This the custom action:

I want “times” to be 42 minus the number of days elapsed from the signup day to the day in which the user clicks the button. So, for instance, if the user signed up on the 4th of June and clicked the button on the 7th, “times” should be “42-(7-4)=39”.

To achieve that, I setup the following Custom Formula, in which both “Current Time” and “Created Date” are in a “Relative” Date Format:

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 15.54.15

I want date to be the first available moment in which the clock hits the signup time, starting from when the user clicks the button (I know, it’s difficult, but I don’t know how to explain it). Let’s say that the users signed up on 2022/06/04 9:45 GMT+2, and clicks the button on 2022/04/07 17:14 GMT+2, I want date to be 2022/04/08 9:45 GMT+2.
I had no idea on how to set this up, so I just inserted a general “Tomorrow” date.

Anyways, this is not working. I have a general “Action Cannot Be Completed” from Chrome.

Any help?

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Hello @Productology,

So, the email notification can be send only on a range of 42 days after the signed up days?

Can you please explain us better the user flow and how you app will work? This will help us to understand what you want to achieve.

Thank you,
The Abracadalo Team

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