Sendgrid Authorization Failed : Solution


I found a solution to resolve authorization to sendgrid api “Wrong credential” => link to this topic

To make sendgrid work, you have to add “bearer” before your API key :

Hope it helps you =)

Important step is 2FA ( 2 factor Authorization) in your Sendgrid account. Without that, it does not authenticate. With that enabled, it works like charm.

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it didn’t work
Neither with 2FA or bearer
i dont know what the problem is i am sick of it


Really stuck on it :frowning:

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When you copy and paste the Bearer SG… into Adalo’s header, sometimes a space is added onto the end of the string. Check to make sure you delete that extra space.

The other thing I do I delete the space between Bearer and SG, and then re-enter the space in the Adalo header. I’ve found the editor is temperamental. I’m not sure if what I’m doing helps or works, but so far my Sendgrid is firing correctly and I’ve moved onto the next problem, which is that all emails are going to spam.


Deleting the space between the Bearer and SG and reentering it worked for me.

For anyone reading this later, was facing a similar issue with Airtable API. Request was returning 401 with Authorization error. Resolved it as above by typing in the token rather than copy pasting. Thanks!