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I’m creating a Product Hunt-type app. I’m having trouble linking a Maker’s profile to their product screen. Here’s what’s happening: A Maker creates a Product. On that product screen is a link to the Maker’s profile. If a logged-in user is looking at that product page and clicks on the Maker’s link, it takes them to their own profile screen, not the Maker’s, because the link is sending the user’s data to the profile screen instead of the Maker’s. This seems like it should be really basic. I’m pretty new to this, so I assume I’m just missing something.

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From what you mentioned, it looks like you’re sending the user to user profile screen instead of Maker’s profile.

If you can share the screenshots of your setup, it’ll be easy for the community members to understand the issue better and be able to help you quicker.


Thanks, bhanu! There is only 1 profile screen for Users & Makers, as much of the information is the same.There is a field in the Users database that specifies Maker or User. Here’s a screenshot of the Products screen and the Profile screen:

Would you recommend I create different profile screens for Makers and Users? Should they be in separate databases (I currently have them both in the same database)? I appreciate your help!

I assume you’re performing action when a user clicks on Maker to show the maker profile. When you perform this action, how are you making sure the user profile which you’re showing is the maker of the product?

Do you have an indicator in the users database for the maker & the products he/she made?

The action is:

I think the problem is that it’s sending Current User and Current Product to the Profile screen. It won’t allow me to change this.

Here are some of the fields I have in the Users db:

I’m not sure why there are four ‘Products’ and a ‘Products Made’.

In terms of the indicator in the users database for the maker & products they made, I’m not sure I did that right. When I click on a user record this is what shows up:

Based on your action above, it is clear that you’re actually showing user’s own profile. Maybe you can create a duplicate screen and call it Maker Profile.

In your action leading upto Maker Profile screen, you’ll have the Current Product & Current User as well, but you can show the data of the maker of the current product because it’s a different screen from user profile screen.

@Colin @Victor would you have any simpler approach to this?


I think what you’re saying makes sense! Let me try it & let you know…

It worked! Thank you so much for your help, bhanu!

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