Servers down again?!

Help, I just rolled out my webapp to several clients, and it’s not loading

Even the Adalo editor isn’t responding

This is happening too often to ignore now. As a paying customer I’m losing faith :frowning:

@KatelynCampbell @jeremy @David

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Same problem here… :confused:

It just resolved itself, but man these outages are becoming embarrassing for me. One of the reasons why I’m very wary of releasing customer-facing apps

Hey @AddyEdwin @ChristopheHK we looked into the issue and it seems like one of our backend servers crashed when you both saw this. We’re still trying to figure out why it happened in the first place, and why it didn’t automatically switch traffic to the other servers that were still available. But we’ll try and resolve this so it doesn’t happen again. It looks like the past two mornings this has happened.