Setting visibility based on multiple parameters

Hi - Is it possible to set visibility settings using multiple values. For example if there is a drop down (8 values) field which should be visible for only 3 values.
Any kind special character can be used?
Workaround can be grouping them but wanted to know if anyone used multiple entries for visibility.


Well, straight answer is No. Only one condition is allowed to change visibility. But I managed to create a minor workaround for it on my app.It wasn’t simple initially but it works well for my app.

So basically, I have a list of activities a user can choose and a ‘green check’ has to appear on the activity if the user chooses the activity…also only if the user belongs to a certain profile. (for ex, men cannot attend baby showers). So I added multiple ‘hollow checks’ to the list.

First criteria for the ‘hollow check’ to appear is the profile criteria.One set of ‘hollow check’ if user is male and a second set of ‘hollow check’ if user is female. I then placed a ‘green check’ next to it and changed visibility on selection. Needless to say, the ‘hollow check’ would disappear if selected.

This worked for me only because I had only 2 conditions. I think for more than 2 conditions, I might have needed more hollow checks and the list would have been chaotic.

Hope to have helped.

@KNV you can “stack” visibility rules by assigning them to layers and using grouping (1 viz rule per layer). I show how I use this technique in this video below to create a smart onboarding overlay for guiding new users through the steps in my app to get their first win. HTH. You can read a full write-up I did on this technique here.


Thank you @Arun and @grid7

Great post. Very clear and informative. Thanks!

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This is Awesome!! it solved a big problem for me! Thanks :slight_smile:

cheers. glad it helped.