Share content of my adalo app in social media

Anyone knows how to show a preview of my Adalo app and link to it in social media? I want to allow users post their adalo app content (for example stuff that they sell in my adalo app) in Facebook,Instagram etc. . Is there a deep linking way to do this or by using integromat?


Here’s what I know.

You use an action to an external link.

  • To WhatsApp:

After “?text=” there’s an encoded text. I used this tool to encode the text part.

When used, the user will be able to edit the message before sending it.

  • To Facebook:

That can only be used with URLs. The content of the message will be defined by the user.

  • To Twitter:

The same logic as WhatsApp when editing the message that goes after “?text=”.

Bear in mind; Twitter has a limit on the number of characters you can use.

I hope this helps.

Edited: I forgot to mention. When using an external link in an action, you can use magic text to include elements of the user in the message, or URL in the case of Facebook.


There is a component from pragmaflow which does that, with no need to any external links

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