Shareable lists made simple. Roast me + UX question


I want to introduce you

The idea is simple:

  • create a small list of links, give it a title and share it.
  • No registration is required.

Here is an example!

(you can visit this list here)

UX question:

  • Since you can’t copy the URL from the browser to share it, from 1 to 10, how do you think the problem is solved?
  • How would you improve it?

Please roast me - no mercy!

Bonus question:

  • Do you get “not secure site” error from google? why is this?
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This has nothing to do with google. give it a 48h if the problem hasn’t been solved and wont be (as my case) try thing:
disconnect the domain from the Desktop app > then connect it with a Native app > try it it should secure > disconnect it from the native app > reconnect it with the desktop app

Well i noticed that PWA on Adalo always are secured and Desktop are not if you connect them first.

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