Show a modal or screen to the first user connected

Hi Everyone!

I am starting to using this great tool , and I have one question about filter to the fist user, for example:

We are 3 people connected to the app, but one of we goes to the last screen, so if he is the first to arrive I would like to show him a message and for the rest other message

I hope that i can be clear, but if you have some question I would try to explain better

Set up a collection with a varible “Page View Count” and then every time the user goes to the screen there should be a screen action that adds “1” to the variable.

Then the popup can be triggered if the current views is equal to 1. and another popup can be triggered if the varible is > 1

Alternatively, you can set up a collection that has like user variable. Then have a screen action that creates a new record for this collection triggered when the user visits the screen.

If you do this then you will be able to trigger the popup by counting the number of records.

If New Collection > Count = 1
Display popup screen

If New Collection > Count > 1
Display Different Popup Screen

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Nice, good tip, thank you Archer

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