Show button based on value of input field in a list item

I’m validating the value a user tries to submit by showing/hiding the “DONE” button. This works fine throughout the app, but it doesn’t work while in a list. Any workarounds?

100 is less then 10009, so it should show the warning message, but it doesn’t… Also with the right value filled in it doesn’t show the “DONE” button. (See pic below)

I’m fairly sure the visibility logic should work because I copied it from another page where it does work and I double-checked it.

There is a bug where copied conditional logic needs to be entirely rebuilt. This may apply
in your case. Sorry :pensive:

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Ah okay, I rebuild parts of it already, I will try to fully rebuild it and see if that works. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks so much, it works now! I was afraid I had to build another page (A modal with an input) and change it all up, but thankfully that’s not the case:)

Great! It’s a major annoyance not being able to copy / paste.

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