Showing A current Even by day

So i have an issue.

I am trying to display if someone is on leave today. And if they are on leave for today then it will show up in the roster:

However, I can’t seem to filter this list to only show the leave that is current happening today. Does anyone have ideas?

Here is the database of leave requests:

Try to change your employee relationship to have many in the leave collection.

Hi @Archer,

I guess the filter that you need here is Start Of Leave > is between > Start of Today or Current Time and Tomorrow. ( You can find these in the Date & Time section that will display when you tried to add the filter after is between. )

Something like this :


Hope I understood this correctly!

Thank you

See the thing with this is that the start date could be three days before the current date and the end date of the leave could be three days after. So having the Start Of Today parameter wouldn’t make sense.

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