Showing all items in a list from dropdown or selected

Guys I’ve been stuck for hours on this issue and I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

I’m creating an app that displays the distance a user is willing to drive. So a user says he will drive 5miles or less, another says 10miles or less and another says 20 miles or less. I would like the user to select a 5 and all the drives willing to travel under 5 show. 10 and all the drivers willing to drive 10 miles or less show. What would be the best way to achieve this?

Hi ! I’m not sure if I understand ( french native sorry )

But you want to filter your list with a dropdown ( 5 mile, 10mile, etc. )

What you can do is :

  1. Create a collection in your database named “Miles” with Name, and if you need to calculate something, Number.
  2. In your new colelction you add records ( 5 miles, 10 miles, …)
  3. You make a relationship this new colelction with users or somehing else
  4. Your user need to inform what hes willing to drive
  5. Your dropdown is a “Miles colleciton”
  6. In your list add a condition filter with “Miles equal to dropdown input”

Sorry I don’t know if you see what I mean, all the work is with conditionnal option

Don’t hesitate to send screenshot and I can replicate for demonstrate to you :slight_smile:

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