Simple Drop Down Menu App (Can’t Seem To Find Solution)

Hello, can someone help me out? I am trying to create a super simple web based app. It is basically an app where you log in, and the user is taken to the home page that has a drop down menu. The drop down menu has 6 names. Each name is connected to an Excel Sheet. Now I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I cant find out how to link the names into the drop down menu, to individual screens that each have an excel file displayed.

I made this for reference.

Hi Trader, welcome to the community!

To achieve this you must create a list of excel files and filter it based on the dropdown selection. Similar to this…



Thanks so much!
So to confirm, should I upload each excel file into separate data collections? I’m confused on how to upload the excel files themselves. The only way i have found to do so is by making a new data collection and uploading CSV.

Create a collection and fields like below…


Where it says ‘excel file’, this is a FILE field. Now when you click the button where it says 0 RECORDS, you can add a new record and upload the file.

I doesn’t allow .Csv :disappointed:

And i have an issue here, it doesn’t allow me to chose selected excel file > name

You can create a screen with a form and that will allow you to upload the file.

You can’t choose the file in the list options because you have not added the dropdown from what I can see.

I may need to hire an expert, i still am having trouble. Adding the form to screen appears to allow the user to upload an excel file. I dont want that. I am trying to upload 5 excel sheets so they can be displayed on my app. I am simply trying to display 5 diff excel sheets catergorized by a drop down menu. If it isn’t too much, could you give an example of how you’d do it step by step?

Can you just confirm what it is that you need? Do you want to add excel files to categories and show the categories in a dropdown or do you want to show the excel filename in a dropdown?

I can help you with an example once you confirm the above question but it would also be beneficial for you to follow some adalo tutorials and they will help you understand how adalo works, here are some links - Video Tutorials to Create Apps Without Code | Adalo and Tutorials - Adalo Resources

Yes, both actually. I would like to add my excel files to categories and show them in a drop down menu organized by file name.

Like this:

You see that On the drop down menu it’ll have the excel file names. Example: when you click on “excel sheet a” it’ll take you to a screen that shows the actual file content. If you click on “excel sheet b” it’ll take you to a screen that shows that files content etc.

I watched the tuts, but still have trouble specifically doing this.

So basically what I’m trying to do is:
Starting with a blank app > upload my 5 Excel Files to data base > create a drop down menu containing the 5 excel files names > link each file name listed on the drop down menu to a new screen that shows the actual excel file associated with the filename on the drop down menu.

Unfortunately you cannot add an action to a dropdown list so you would need to create a list instead, this will achieve what you need. I have done an example here that you can clone…

I have created 2 different users, one is an admin user that will allow you to upload excel files and 1 is a standard user, just so you can see the differences.

The admin user is - Email= Pass= test
Standard user is - EMail= Pass= test

I would also like to point out that you cannot ‘view’ an excel file with adalo, you need to offer it as a download. The users browser then decides whether to open it in the browser or download it, this is based on if they have excel installed on their device.

Let me know if you have any questions

Thanks a lot i really appreciate the help and support! I think i may have to somehow turn the excel files into photos . If i am able to do this, could the list you just made have actions to redirect to these photos?

Yes, you can make the list a list of photos, just add the image component and link it to an image field in the excel files collection (you would need to add this new field).


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