Slow - or very slow - or App Not Found

My PWAs are loading very slow or very slow, or I get App Not Found. :cry:
Does anyone else experience this situation?
Thank you!

yes… I cant even get on to my app at the moment… spinning circle.

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If you have a free version of Adalo - check the status of the used memory in the lower right corner. You may have reached the limit.


Thank you @Ossa .
I don’t have a free version. At this moment the issue is gone.
And I have send it a ticket to understand why / what may be the cause, since this type of situation was something in the past…
I have published on the forum to check if it is a common situation at that specific moment for many users as the ticket may implies sometimes more than 24 hours, and so I could report the issue for the status… (Adalo Status)

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