Is it possible to have a dynamic number of screens in a native app, or am I thinking about this the wrong way? Stuck on this one

Two apps: Customer and Client

Recipe orders get placed in the customer app, and are sent to the Client app for fulfillment

A single order might contain 2 or more recipes:

Recipe 1: 5 ingredients
Recipe 2: 18 ingredients

Recipes show up in the Client app, and display each ingredient one by one for them to mark off as completed, until there are none left and they mark the recipe as complete.

The only way I know how to do this (at least in a native Adalo app) is to do an A-B-C-D screen chain where I load each ingredient one per screen

But I don’t know how many screens there might be, because the number of ingredients in a recipe is variable.

There would never be more than say 50 ingredients in a recipe, so do I just make 50 screens and have a way to end the chain from any screen along the way? Is that even possible without messing with the “available data” issues it might create? Can I have a 51st “end of the line” order complete screen that I can link to from all screens along the way without issue?

Would the solution to this be different in a web app vs native?

Really confused about how to approach this

Hi @parasocks,

This might help:

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