Update password


I created a form to update the password and left it as non-mandatory if the user does not want to change the password, however he still writes the string [hidden] in the bank thus modifying the original password, any suggestions on how to correct this?

Hi @ibornset, the update forum will inherently update the password on a submission. Often the best way to do this is to have two forums, one for the password and one for everything else.

Got it, is it possible to also validate the password with double check or not? Eg: Repeat the password (two inputs).

Currently that is not possible, but does fit in with something we plan on working on in the near future.


The problem is that when I create a password form it already makes value = “hidden” automatic I think it may be a bug maybe or I’m not going the right way, see the attachment.

That very well might be a bug. I’ll go ahead and create a ticket for this. Thanks for pointing that out

Hey @ibornset we’ve fixed this issue now! Your update form should work now without any issues!

Working fine! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: