Some libraries failed to load

Hello I need help I was working on my app and I did a preview and got the following message.

Some libraries failed to load
Please release the page and try again

I refreshed a couple of time, and now I can’t get rid of this message. What should I do.


@Sopmac I’m sorry that you received that error message. It does appear that when I review your app now it is not showing. Please let us know otherwise or if you see it again moving forward.

Hello thank ou for your reply and I am sorry for my message, I try in other browser and on incognito windows and it will work now, so it maybe some cache issue! But thank you very much for the quick answer! Thank you

I’m having the same issue in Chrome on Mac. Everything was working great yesterday, but I’ve been unable to get past the “some libraries failed to load” message. I’m working in Safari for the time being, but prefer Chrome.

Any ideas on what’s going on? This is the second time this has happened to me.

This is on our backend and how/when libraries are loaded up. It should clear out, but if you do experience it please let us know and we can check dev tools to report the issue to the dev team.

@jsteb I checked your app and did not see this issue any longer, please let me know otherwise.

Yes, I was able to use Safari in the interim, but I prefer Chrome so it was good to get back working there again. Thanks for looking into it, and the reply.

I think is just a cache issue. I fix my problem on a different browser or incognito Tab.


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