Someone could solve the AIRTABLE?

Hi, has anyone been able to fix the airtable problem? to create products through the adalo form and to update? It is not working for me or what other external storage api do you recommend … that is easy to integrate … the products will be loaded through adalo

I have to upload 600 products with 3 to 5 photos each

Hi Santiago,

The Support said that they are working on it! :fire:

See this last message that support send to me ( 2 days ago ) !


This is our number 1 bug that we are working to fix. Should have a solution in the coming days!


For now the the workaround is using a Custom Form!

Other than Airtable you could use Xano , Google Sheets , Backendless etc!

Hope Adalo Team will solve this issue soon!

Thank you

ok great, thanks, I’ll start to investigate their prices and how the integrations work.

Which one do you recommend? XANO looks very interesting, do you say the speed and performance would be better? Is it a multi-booking app with multiple products (+850) or do I use them on the adalo base?

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