Someone From Adalo?

Can someone from Adalo please explain why the preview websites are insecure. It is leading to a host of problems for those with the issue. I would like to know if it is an issue that will be resolved/can be resolved soon.

Please, I am just looking for an explanation.
Best of luck to those affected :slight_smile:

Still suffering with this problem :slight_smile:

Same here. The worse part is the inabilitly to contact anyone. How many days not being able to work because of this? who´s gonna return me the money I´m paying without being able to continue developing my app because the preview doesn´t work?
is there any official statement from Adalo because of this? only saw some comments in the forum to know this is general or at least I´m not the only one with the problem

would love to know what to do and what to expect.

Thanks for reporting this!

We’re so sorry about the trouble you’re having here. We unfortunately had a user creating spam apps with Adalo and those received reports that affected our core previewer domain. We’ve contacted all the known security providers we can and have cleared things up with them. If you’re still experiencing this, please let us know what company is providing the protection that is giving you warnings and we will reach out to them.



Still Having issues. When the "preview button is pressed, I am redirected to a google safety screen, if I continue, I am redirected to “

Thanks for helping us understand the issue btw

I the protection provider is CIRCLE

All browsers I tried to use give back the same error. I even bought a custom domain as some people suggested, but the problem still remains.

Please, make it a priority. I’ve been unable to work on my app for 2 weeks now.

How can you find out what company provides your security?

I just get the message below:

Since it is dependent on the internet provider and the security that they use individually, I would recommend looking into what security they provide to start narrowing it down.

Once you have that, we will be happy to reach out to them promptly to get it resolved as soon as possible.


I currently use spectrum, and thus have spectrum security.
Hope this helps & thank you for trying to solve our problems.

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@LoneWolf We have submitted a report to them and will hopefully have an update soon.

@garrafa If you are able to give me the information, I can help find them. I was able to identify @LoneWolf by googling the provider and security and found it on their website.

Tks for the follow-up.

I have a Deco M5 mesh wifi system in my home. After seeing your first message above, I did a little research and figured that the was being classified as “phishing” by Deco’s system. So, it was blocked.

I was able to unblock it directly from Deco’s app. So, I hope it could help others that are struggling with it.

I firmly suggest that this topic to be fixed.


Hello, I’m sorry to message you like this but I’m on the Starter plan and none of the features work, I can’t even submit a ticket. If I submit a ticket, I receive a message saying I’m on the free plan and don’t have access to private support. But My billing information confirms I have paid and I am supposedly on the Starter plan. Could someone contact me please?

@nicosaar thanks for letting us know! We have reached out!

The Preview, Share and My account links are all dead on the app build screen. Is this part of the same issue or have you turned them off due to the security issues? When will it be working again?



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