Something wrong today?

Today my app is running extremely slow. Nothing has changed and was running fine yesterday. Never had issues before and my internet is fine.

Is something going on behind the scenes today thats making things run sooo slow?

Really gets me thinking about performance consistency down the líne…


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I have the same issues in Romania, extremely slow on each interaction

Mine is also brain dead. It’s not just slow but the front end isn’t even displaying the database properly. At one point the database showed zero records for every table and then 5 minutes later it showed records again but app still won’t populate any records.

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Last couple of days, using Safari on MacBook Air, am getting the following alert at the top of my browser in the open Adalo tab: “This webpage is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of this Mac.”

I have about 60 screens, split 30/30 among two types of users (marketplace). Should I split the app into two, would that increase speed?

Same here. Nearly impossible to use the editor or create/add to any new collections manually

Same here.
Very frustrating as I was showing the app to my customer. :angry:

Seems like the built in Adalo database is super unreliable. I am considering just integrating MySQL database with Zapier even though it would be a COLOSSAL migration effort.

I am facing the same issue. The app is running too slow.

We were experiencing a much higher than normal server load. We have increased the ram of the server by 300% to combat this. I hope this has alleviated some of the performance issues.

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