Splitting My App Into User and Pro Apps

Hello Everyone.

My two-sided app is becoming really big and especially when I’m thinking about adding a real-time (on-demand) function to the app based and turning it into an Uber-like app and I wanted to split the User app and the Pro app into two and set them up to share the same database. I believe this is doable correct? Like, for exampe, when a user sends an on-demand request or a reservation in the User app then the Pros can see the request on their app? Can someone please confirm this for me?


Hello, how are you, if you can, you can create many apps sharing the same database, in this case when a user places an order or reservation in BUSINESS A, that is, the admin of A can only see their orders or reservation, so You can add a text to the order that is the provider’s email. When creating an order or reservation in maildelprovedor, you add the current business email.

So in the ADMIN orders panel you can show me all the orders that maildelproveedor is equal to the mail of the logged in user

I’m confused. I just want it to show up as a pop up notification just like Uber once the user sends an on-demand order out into the queue I want the order to pop up in all the Pro apps of security pros in the vicinity cuz we want to use the geolocation and GPS functions in Adalo. The email notification is not in real time. We want to provide users an ability to requests service on-demand.

I’ve validated this myself and have confirmed that it can be done. You can split your apps into two apps: 1 for users and 1 for pros. It will still work as if you’ve put both apps together because I made them share the same database.

Well, for example, if a user places an order and the admin is connected to his account, you want a modal to appear that says you have a new order… you can add a true/false to the order that says new when a new order is made >true … in the admin profile where the orders are, you put a countdown counter at 0 that only appears if the order is new>true with an action to the modal… you put an action to the view order or return button that is update current order true>false and go back or go to see the order

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