⚠️ SSL certificate problem

Hi, I am having some problems setting up my SSL certificate for one of my WPAs.

I have about 8 WPAs and have never had any problems with the SSL procedure, but since Saturday the URL of my latest project is showing the security warning.

I have already checked the CNAME on my website/Cpanel and contacted my hosting tech support to see if there is a problem, but they mention that everything is fine.

¿Have any of you had this problem lately?
*I have already refreshed the SSL in the adalo settings.
*I have already raised a ticket with adalo but they have not given me a solution yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Update in Adalo Status :

All SSLs are resolving fine now.

Thanks Adalo support team.
Thanks @dilon_perera

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Message from Monica in Adalo the Team :

Hi Dilon,

The SSL Certiticate issue has been resolved by now. So this should be working fine now.


How do you reset the SSL certificate?

for me it’s not working across all my apps…

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