Namecheap SSL Certificate

If anyone can help me with this please message me privately unless you can reply to this post but I am trying to do a PWA on my website

I bought the domain from Namecheap they said everything is good with the DNS settings and that adalo aka the hosting is the issue with the SSL Certificate

This was the same issue with my other PWA website - and I fixed It but I forgot how I did it

and when I reset the SSL Certificate it says “unknown error occurred”

I have tried contacting adalo but I believe they are a bit busy.


Hey, have u tried refreshing your Domain ?

I had issues like this, though it can sometimes take time to propagate. Try refreshing, or re adding your domain. I’m not 100% sure the right or wrong way to fix this… though the above worked for me.

If not Adalo team will help you with this.

I get an error when I reset certificate and also supoort doesn’t respond to me

What error do you get? Have you tried removing the domain and re adding ?

Yes done that

I’m having the same issue. Usually the “reset SSL certificate” button solves the problem, but that button doesn’t work anymore and simply presents an error. I don’t see any solution. It seems Adalo needs solve this issue. @anon78309838

It’s crazy — Adalo raised a large amount of capital ($8M) back in May last year and hasn’t delivered a single new feature or improved anything (including their weak support) since then. I seriously wonder what’s going on at this company.

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Hi Dev,

Message form Adalo Support :

Hi Dilon,

Can you please try to reset your SSL Certificate right now and let me know if the issue persists?

You can do this by going to the top right Settings option > Domain > Reset SSL Certificate for the current domain you are facing this issue with.

Will be looking forward to your reply in case you are still seeing this issue happening!

And one person said seems like it has been fixed.

Can you also confirm if it is working?

Thank you

Yes it works on every my apps now!

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